Artists Are LifeSavers

A Sequel to Artists Are SpellCasters and Artists Are ShapeShifters

Artists with light sabers
Artists with life sabres
Artists are life savers
Artists save lives

Light-sabre, lightsabers
Life saver, LifeSavers
Destroying lives, saving lives
Destroying lies, saving lies

Confucius, Confusion
I am confused
Confusion-ism, Confucianism
I am confusion

I’m a Bari
I’m a Bear-E
Am I a berry?
A berry for a bear-e?

Barely an F in Effort
Barely an f in F word
Barely a bear in bare-lee
Rarely an F in FE

The Notion of Ocean
An ocean’s notion
An Ocean’s Oh-shin
A Notion’s N-Whoa-shin

Critical of the observer
Observing of the critic
Observing the observer
Critical of the criticism

Duels between two
Twos of duals
Duels of Duals
Duals of Duals

Imagine, Imagine
A time of imagining
A space of imagining
A space between times
A time between spaces

Where is Turania?
Who are the Tartars?

“A gem set in a ring of misery
That circles me on every side, am I.”

“Call in the soul of man a new fire to birth!
Cry a new revolution over the earth!”

Who wrote this poem? Who is the translator?

“Because of the loftiness of my thoughts / Persian alone is suitable to them”

(Translation by R.A Nicholson)

Urb of herbs
Suburban herbs
Shakespearean herbs
Ingredients for a cauldron

By sighting we cited
The queen of destiny
King of Queens,
Queen of Queens,
Queen of Kings

Supermarket flowers,
Visiting hours,
Butterflies within butter’s fly
Many highs within your high

Differential, differentiate
Difference of differences
Derive, Derivi-ate
What’s the difference between difference?

Lorazepam, Lorezepam
Ability, Abilify
Lore-azepam, Lore-Raz-a-Pam
Aripiprazole, Ativan

A dummy addiction
An addicted dummy-pacifier
A dummy for dummies
A Fool for fools

“Let the voice of love, take you higher”
Higher and higher and higher and higher

“1999 Bizarre Summer”
“Let the joy of love, give you an answer”

“With this gathered power, go even beyond time”
“With a purpose that’s unbreakable even when we part”

The Black Dog / Depression

“I wouldn’t say that I’m grateful for the black dog, but he’s been an incredible teacher”

I am NOT my depression

My depression is separate from me…

As my therapist said, in sci-fi terms, it’s like a black monstrous slug attached to my brain that’s controlling me

But if I focus on behaviours that don’t ‘feed’ that slug, then I’ll be able to gain back control

Perfection can be found even in 438579088 and 3435:

A Nostalgic, Wacky Birthday Song

Memories from Springfield
Whacky Birthday by Teresa Jennings:

With more info at:

In memory of Tom ‘Badger-Lock’ BadgerLock

Available for purchase:

And Happy Birthday to Linux!

If only we could grasp the beauty of laziness

An Empire

An Empire of Ants

An Empire of Gorillaz
An Empire of Little Dragons
And Empire of Ants
A cosmic vibration

What does it say? It says:

An Empire of vibrations
An Empire of sands
And umpire of gorillas
T(w)oo cosmic vibration (s)

An empire state
The Empire State
An Empire State Building
An Empire State of Mind, II:

A ton of things are beautiful
Reggae is beautiful
I am beautiful
U(me)R beautiful
A Ton of Reggae is beautiful
Just as Reggaeton is beautiful
And the Prince of Reggaeton is beautiful:

What is our empire of man, except a sham?
For in the face of DraGons we are damned
If ants are meaningless to us
As mice or bees or birds are
Then we are meaningless to Drag-us
As rice or 🅱️s or turds are

Webring Umer
We Bring 🅱️umer

So beware o’ Beelzebub-B
Known to cause Cat-Ass-Trophy

Now shooting stars will be found in the holes of my jeans’ pockets:

So now we can fall freely through the rest of Time:

Aurora Borealis / Shooting Stars

PC: Osman Amjad

Milky Way, Milky Chance, Cocoon of Grief, Cocoon of Hope
Cocoon by Chance:

U. A., M

As usual, inspired by 🅱️obin
obb, as they say

So dance for the love as the club jock plays
We don’t care what them people say

U. A, M interpreting Shawn Mendes’ Life of the Party

Kanye is Yeezus and I am 🅱️zus

U A, M

Terminal, Sermon-al
Do I make connections where there ain’t none?
Detonate, annihilate
Is the Highest Building in Clerres or Berkeley?
What’s GRRM’s tallest mountain to climb? (So far…)
For isn’t a mountain a building built by nature

What terminus
Will be built by nature’s sermon-us?
What lights lecture, which lights connect the spirits of the past with the present and the future

Tina’s version
Phil’s version

The rite of the East, the fights of the West
The lights of the North, the Lights of the south
The lights we will meet, these lights are the best
The Fight in the North, the Rights in the south

Our own lights starve out the Northern Lights
And now we’re starved for Northern Lights
O Beat of Time, won’t you let there be auroras borealis
O Clock of Dune, won’t you
Let there be 🅱️auroras 🅱️-Orealis

O Realis, O Realize
O Real-Eyes, O Re-Ill-Eyes
A Roar-rus, O Roar Raz
O Roar Us, A Roar Raz

Now that we’ve pretended airplanes’re shooting stars
We’ll pretend glare’s flames’re-Rora’s bars:

Chasing auroras, chasing cars
We be chasin, till I drop bars:

I’m runnning away now, from Northern Lights
I runaway now from, North to South
Run-Uh-Way with, Runaway with me from North, to Southern Lights

And run back from Suthern to Nuthern Lights

Green lights, purple lights,
Green drugs, purple psychedelics
Green haze, purple haze
Green rain, purple rain

Now Destiny’s, blessed-in-me,
Cuz purple’s purpose’s becoming green for me

All i want after this
Is all I want after

All I want,
After waiting such a long time to see shooting stars

Oh, it’s like inception now
Waking up from dreams again and again
When will it ever enddd
When will the week-end

Now for no reason,
Most of
(Everything I’ll do)
I’ll do it for you, Aurora’s Shooting Stars

Hope you don’t get too lost
In the hyperlinks
For then you’ll face a high cost
Struck by hya-per Links
Hope you don’t die
Struck but not burst
Sung but not thirst?:

Dune, Flume
Mind-Killer, Mein killer

A tapestry of blue will be found
So a maphist’ry of you will be found
Just as,
A valance of purples ‘n greens will be found
So that a balance of purpose serenes will be found

Artists Are Shape-Shifters

Inspired by Flume

A Sequel to Artists Are Spell-Casters

A fool without fitz
A Fitz without Foresight

A pitch without melody-site
A tool without pitchz

U A, M

Artists are shapeshifters
Masters are Shape-Shifus
Just as they are jape-grifters
And as they are grape-drinkers
Now, wine hasn’t been drunk in a long time

A Half-Charmed kinda life
A Staff armed with a knife
What to do with this life
What to do, rope or knife

What shape to become for this artist
What to do, for this part is
Easy, so can someone tell me
What hard is?

What shape is the most difficult
What shape belongs not to cult
What symbol is truly pure
Which we use not to allure

Life is hard, death is easy
Death is hard, life is breæzy
Breath is hard, just as life is
Strife is hard, just as Palace-siz


One Palace, Two Palace
Half Palace, True Palace
O Palace Beyond the Exit, O Palace Composed Within Time
From beyond Grant inner peace, For this lil light-mind of mine

An Ode II: Joy

An Ode II: Joy

A Sequel to An Ode

Let there be friendship,
Let there be joy
Let there never be endShip
Let Ships of Destiny re-Joyce

Let the Phoenix of Hilton rise
Let the ashes fuse all ties
Let there be no more disguise
Let there be no more surprise

Let Bi-Polar become Bi-Polarity
Let us no longer know arity
For none and infinity
Are now one and the same to me

Let ones become twos
So that we no longer have anything to lose:
Let mathematics and language fuse
So we no longer choose
between Godds

O Jesus of Suburbia, O Which / One
Deliver us serenely
Deliver us peace-ly
Deliver us, lovely

O Ode, O Chance, O Rapper
O Swode, Lance & Scrapper
O UltraLight Beam, Listen
O WhatEver You Seem, Glisten

The Time After Time


The Skill Road

Inspired by Robin Hobb, Hans Zimmer, and the Realm of the Elderlings

Time is the most cinematic of subjects because before the movie camera came along, human beings had no way of seeing time backwards, slowed down, sped up. And I think that went some way to sort of explain to me why I’ve been interested in exploring it in movies because I think there’s a really productive relationship. And I had this visual notion of a bullet that’s in a wall, being sucked out of the wall and into the barrel of the gun it was fired from. And I put the image in “Memento,” my early film, as a…

Christopher Nolan, NPR interview with Ari Shapiro

The Road of Skill,
The Road that Kills,
The Road of ills
Of Sill-ver Silk

A road of Silver
I rode a Sliver
And rowed a Silver
O What, Are you Awakening at last?

Silver Road, Skillful Abode
Whence you came from, whence you lead
By steel and lead, by gold and silver
By gold-en green, by black and white

Thence you come from, then you go
Silver came from, once you’re go(ld)

ThyiMe after TI’me, beat after beat
Road after road, seat after seat
Gold after gold, teat after deat(h)
Given after sold, deed after deed

Stubborn Spring / A Second Dream

A Sequel to A Dream of Spring

I won’t change my minds about things
I won’t change my mind about Springs
They’re the best seasons
It’s the best Seasons

A show’s seasons,
A life’s seasons,
To show a reason
To care, for feelin

For feelins a fickle thing
Feelings’re a fickle thing
Feelings, a fickle thing
They’re and I’m fickle things

I will change my mind about a thing
Except that the best season’s Spring

As the Universe speaks to me, Now let me speak t’ Uni
O Beat of Time, won’t you lend some light to Avatar z-BUmey

Half * Two

* Whole

Dum/Fun (or Fum/Dun)

Ooh, we’re half-way there
Oo-Oh, living on a prayer
Take my hands, we’ll make it ElseWhere
Oo-Oh, living on a prayer

Bon Jovi

A Sequel to Half + Half

= 1
== 1
=/= 11
5/11 (5:12, 5:13)
4 11
1140, the year of our lord
1 14 0
1 7 0 HALF
1170s revealed:

Women Carried their Other whoalves to safety

And thus the Wulves of Welf of Altorf were saved
So Henry could be even Prouder
For he was not chosen in Elections
Elections lasted till

5/7/11 (a perfect fifth out of 7)
1 5*7 1
1 35 6 (a sixth is perfect too)

Now begins Golden Bull’s half of rule

Half of the hole-y Roman Empire’s millennium

A thousand years, 500 too
A million years, 5002
A half a year, a half, it’s true
A quarter year, a quarters’ rue

Ruinous quarters we stay in
Jewel-ous hall(ve)s we pray in

Am I saying, “Enjoy this moment. Be Happy”?

Allow the “suchness” of this moment. That’s Enough.

Eckhart Tolle, Stillness Speaks

The sound of a song
The soungd of absurdity
The song of Stillness, the Song of Silence
For Stillness Speaks as Silence does

The soungd that knocks you down
And brings you back up
Lean on me, (song), now
Mr and Mrs In-Dependant Song

Song of

Song of ^song

It’s been a long Ass winter without you:

The song of the fallen Angel
Majin Buucifer, Lucifer,
One-cifer, Two-cifer,
Three-cipher, four cipher
Thirty two, thirty four cipher
For the beast of 666 has 17 * 2 eyes
Half of 34 spider, HALF of thirty-four-cifer

As Oman surely, shirley exists
Let me be your U-Man
You’re wUman, Uman, Umar:

Now let the Artist be Separated from the Person, forEver:
As magic is separated from the Spellcaster,

Halve your pleasure, HALF your fun
And dance forNever

Runaway now, for commiting the sing of magic
RunAway, Run-Way, Run Wayyy beyond
(Runaway, (can-celled) Canye)

Kanye Does It, Kanye Can,

Butterfly Bug-Logi: Olya J. of Sycamore


Runaway, Kanye
For you’ve has been split Asunder

4:34, For 17, 4:15, 666, 6:16, 3:08,
a Half, 0:50, 0:44, 6:16, 6:15, 6:50, 3:25

I hate being Bi-polar. It’s awesome.

Kanye West, ye album art

As your art and magic and you have separated from yourSelf
Now split asunder and come back to life once more
Come to life or come to Life
Come to death or come to Life

So let me cast one final spelling
Let’s learn to what? O Pray,-Telling
To love each other ‘fore we love ourselves
To love each other ‘fore you love mySelves

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