On Timekeeping


A Coincidence of Sentience

The cycle of the moon aligning with the menstrual cycle acted as a first concept of measurement

Shreya Prasad, via Athabasca

Inspired by conversations with Olya and Shreya around Shreya’s Goddesses in Mythology course. (Unrelated, I also took a course from Athabasca once…)

Our Period is a Clock

Olya Jaworsky

An HourGlass Shape, the Glass of HOur Shape

U A, M.

Were women the first timekeepers because they had periods that almost lined up the period of a moon cycle? And was timekeeping necessary for humans to jump into our level of intelligence?

A lunar cycle, 29 point 5 days
A point, a period, 28 or so days
Seven divides it to give a week
East and West, North and South
7 days in a week remain

Both 29.5 and 28
So close to each other
And close to 30, dividing 360
And neatly gives 12, a highly composite number
Such numbers divide better than anything below them
And we humans love division

A revolutionary cycle, 365 point 25 days
So close, so close to that highly composite 360
And so close to being just 365
But off by just a bit
That tiny imperfection requiring leaps of years to fix
We humans yearn for perfection

But still, but still
Despite imperfections, we went with 12
Again and again and again
Solar or Lunar, Gregorian or Indian
12 months in a year and 12 hours in a day’s
So highly composite, we can divide
Into halves and thirds and quarters

12 months in a year
But only 10 fingers on our hands
Giving birth to a base 10 system
Thus cursed were we with more imperfection
And yet, and yet
These tiny closeness-es, may have forced us
To develop our greater mathematical intelligence

We loved our highly composite numbers so much
We put 60 seconds into a minute
60 minutes into an hour
And 12, and 12 again, hours into a day
For a total of a highly composite 24
And yet, our biological clocks
Are so close, so imperfect again
For instead we found it slightly longer
24 hours and 11 minutes, give or take

While I theorized before
That our intelligence arose from interactions
With plants and fungi around us
Perhaps one more jump was needed
A biological coincidence, an astronomical coincidence,
And a mathematical coincidence, to tie them together
And these coincidences of timekeeping
Of composite numbers
Of tiny imperfection
And of closeness
May-be what’s needed
For a human level of sentience

A Map of (Mathematical) Meaning


A Theory of Fusion

The title is not a reference 🙂

Core-testy of:

A Map of Mathematics:

Courtesy of Unknown (Please help find original author)

A Map of Science:

Courtesty of Max Tegmark

Can someone please help me find the original author of the first image, the map of mathematics? Is it Max Tegmark as well? Or is it the author of that blog?

Note my original comment on the blog.


Half of Humanity


A Mystery of History or Aragon v Aragorn II


I’m 244 or 6/11

When I’m done, half of humanity will still be alive. I hope they remember you.

Thanos, Avengers: Infinity War

For Ashish Mahto & Inderbir Hair

Four four, 44, 4/4, 4:4
The most common signature
A double heartbeat
Yet an unlucky Time

For 4:44, or 11/11
Was that the time
That men were killed like moths
Or like mosquitoes

Like in the past, a fast of Spain
The mosque eat, O Man-Yet
I am mosquit-O magnet
An unlucky 48 become 24

As 88 becomes 176

0124 will become 53, 28, 1256
or 1609, 42 32, a time of Nix
For if beauty remains in pi squared over 6
Then O Magnet of Time, be in-Stillness Fixed

On Consciousness / The Seeker in the Dark

The Snail wants Leafs, the Tiger wants Meats, the Light Wwills meets



Wanting and/or Taking

The Shortest Path

U A, M.

It’s only the structure of the information processing that matters, not the structure of the Matter that’s doing the information processing.

Max Tegmark

So is Light the Seeker in the Dark? Does it want to take the shortest path, or does it just happen to take the shortest path?

There is something about the way we talk about Science that’s always interested me. When talking about equilibrium states, we often speak as though the Universe wants equilibrium.

Does the electron *want* to be attracted to a proton? Does the North pole *want* to be with the South pole? Does the East want to meaet the West? Does the universe want to go from Chaos to Order, or from Order to Chaos? After all, as Maxwell said: “All heat is of the same kind.” Is all energy of the same kind? Is all matter, living or not, of the same kind? Does all matter want? Do all Fundamental Forces need? Do the Quantum Fields desire!?

Does a kite wanna hafta sail?

Does a plastic bag wanna drift off into the wind, riding on it

Like a leaf(s)

A leaf (that) a snail cannot eat

BeeCuz it’s made out of plastic?

Destiny, destiny

I hear you, you hear me?

Destined-y, destined-E

Do you see, what I see

I see you, you see me

Desti-Knee, Desti-Knee

Do you see what I can see

Destin-E, dust-in-me

Dusk-in-me, Destined me

Dust-in-Knee-He Destin-He-He

Dunk-in-me-He Destined-He-She



I don’t know the answer

I just think there’s a link between Poetry, Parody, and Prosody.

Why do donuts wanna be eaten with coffee, and muffins with tea?

And Robert tells me there’s a link between Fashion, Faith, and Fantasy.

Or perhaps it’s all a mathematical illusion

It’s not the Particles, but the Patterns, that really matter

Max Tegmark


Why is a sense of impending doom a harbinger to disaster?
How can our mind know its future before our bodies in these cases?

Why do muffins wanna be eaten with coffee, and donuts with tea?

U A, M.
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