Aurora Borealis / Shooting Stars

Milky Way, Milky Chance, Cocoon of Grief, Cocoon of HopeCocoon by Chance: U. A., M As usual, inspired by obin obb, as they say So dance for the love as the club jock plays We don’t care what them people say U. A, M interpreting Shawn Mendes’ Life of the Party Kanye is Yeezus and … Continue reading “Aurora Borealis / Shooting Stars”

The Teacher of Time

The Teacher of Time Or To Teach-her the Time This poem is About damned time: The name of his true Catalyst. He’d held that back, saying he’d had many: an assassin, a nine-fingered slave boy, a ship’s captain, a spoiled girl, a noble bastard. Not true. His one real Catalyst was FitzChivalry Farseer. Robin Hobb, … Continue reading “The Teacher of Time”