Artists Are LifeSavers

A Sequel to Artists Are SpellCasters and Artists Are ShapeShifters

Artists with light sabers
Artists with life sabres
Artists are life savers
Artists save lives

Light-sabre, lightsabers
Life saver, LifeSavers
Destroying lives, saving lives
Destroying lies, saving lies

Confucius, Confusion
I am confused
Confusion-ism, Confucianism
I am confusion

I’m a Bari
I’m a Bear-E
Am I a berry?
A berry for a bear-e?

Barely an F in Effort
Barely an f in F word
Barely a bear in bare-lee
Rarely an F in FE

The Notion of Ocean
An ocean’s notion
An Ocean’s Oh-shin
A Notion’s N-Whoa-shin

Critical of the observer
Observing of the critic
Observing the observer
Critical of the criticism

Duels between two
Twos of duals
Duels of Duals
Duals of Duals

Imagine, Imagine
A time of imagining
A space of imagining
A space between times
A time between spaces

Where is Turania?
Who are the Tartars?

“A gem set in a ring of misery
That circles me on every side, am I.”

“Call in the soul of man a new fire to birth!
Cry a new revolution over the earth!”

Who wrote this poem? Who is the translator?

“Because of the loftiness of my thoughts / Persian alone is suitable to them”

(Translation by R.A Nicholson)

Urb of herbs
Suburban herbs
Shakespearean herbs
Ingredients for a cauldron

By sighting we cited
The queen of destiny
King of Queens,
Queen of Queens,
Queen of Kings

Supermarket flowers,
Visiting hours,
Butterflies within butter’s fly
Many highs within your high

Differential, differentiate
Difference of differences
Derive, Derivi-ate
What’s the difference between difference?

Lorazepam, Lorezepam
Ability, Abilify
Lore-azepam, Lore-Raz-a-Pam
Aripiprazole, Ativan

A dummy addiction
An addicted dummy-pacifier
A dummy for dummies
A Fool for fools

“Let the voice of love, take you higher”
Higher and higher and higher and higher

“1999 Bizarre Summer”
“Let the joy of love, give you an answer”

“With this gathered power, go even beyond time”
“With a purpose that’s unbreakable even when we part”

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Aspiring Writer, I am NOT a Blog (title stolen from GRRM)

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