An Empire

An Empire of Ants

An Empire of Gorillaz
An Empire of Little Dragons
And Empire of Ants
A cosmic vibration

What does it say? It says:

An Empire of vibrations
An Empire of sands
And umpire of gorillas
T(w)oo cosmic vibration (s)

An empire state
The Empire State
An Empire State Building
An Empire State of Mind, II:

A ton of things are beautiful
Reggae is beautiful
I am beautiful
U(me)R beautiful
A Ton of Reggae is beautiful
Just as Reggaeton is beautiful
And the Prince of Reggaeton is beautiful:

What is our empire of man, except a sham?
For in the face of DraGons we are damned
If ants are meaningless to us
As mice or bees or birds are
Then we are meaningless to Drag-us
As rice or 🅱️s or turds are

Webring Umer
We Bring 🅱️umer

So beware o’ Beelzebub-B
Known to cause Cat-Ass-Trophy

Now shooting stars will be found in the holes of my jeans’ pockets:

So now we can fall freely through the rest of Time:

Author: umersnotablog

Aspiring Writer, I am NOT a Blog (title stolen from GRRM)

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