Aurora Borealis / Shooting Stars

PC: Osman Amjad

Milky Way, Milky Chance, Cocoon of Grief, Cocoon of Hope
Cocoon by Chance:

U. A., M

As usual, inspired by 🅱️obin
obb, as they say

So dance for the love as the club jock plays
We don’t care what them people say

U. A, M interpreting Shawn Mendes’ Life of the Party

Kanye is Yeezus and I am 🅱️zus

U A, M

Terminal, Sermon-al
Do I make connections where there ain’t none?
Detonate, annihilate
Is the Highest Building in Clerres or Berkeley?
What’s GRRM’s tallest mountain to climb? (So far…)
For isn’t a mountain a building built by nature

What terminus
Will be built by nature’s sermon-us?
What lights lecture, which lights connect the spirits of the past with the present and the future

Tina’s version
Phil’s version

The rite of the East, the fights of the West
The lights of the North, the Lights of the south
The lights we will meet, these lights are the best
The Fight in the North, the Rights in the south

Our own lights starve out the Northern Lights
And now we’re starved for Northern Lights
O Beat of Time, won’t you let there be auroras borealis
O Clock of Dune, won’t you
Let there be 🅱️auroras 🅱️-Orealis

O Realis, O Realize
O Real-Eyes, O Re-Ill-Eyes
A Roar-rus, O Roar Raz
O Roar Us, A Roar Raz

Now that we’ve pretended airplanes’re shooting stars
We’ll pretend glare’s flames’re-Rora’s bars:

Chasing auroras, chasing cars
We be chasin, till I drop bars:

I’m runnning away now, from Northern Lights
I runaway now from, North to South
Run-Uh-Way with, Runaway with me from North, to Southern Lights

And run back from Suthern to Nuthern Lights

Green lights, purple lights,
Green drugs, purple psychedelics
Green haze, purple haze
Green rain, purple rain

Now Destiny’s, blessed-in-me,
Cuz purple’s purpose’s becoming green for me

All i want after this
Is all I want after

All I want,
After waiting such a long time to see shooting stars

Oh, it’s like inception now
Waking up from dreams again and again
When will it ever enddd
When will the week-end

Now for no reason,
Most of
(Everything I’ll do)
I’ll do it for you, Aurora’s Shooting Stars

Hope you don’t get too lost
In the hyperlinks
For then you’ll face a high cost
Struck by hya-per Links
Hope you don’t die
Struck but not burst
Sung but not thirst?:

Dune, Flume
Mind-Killer, Mein killer

A tapestry of blue will be found
So a maphist’ry of you will be found
Just as,
A valance of purples ‘n greens will be found
So that a balance of purpose serenes will be found

Author: umersnotablog

Aspiring Writer, I am NOT a Blog (title stolen from GRRM)

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