A Poem for Bee

Spoiler warning for all books of the Realm of the Elderlings by Robin Hobb

Dedicated to Bee

A Poem for Bee, The Destroyer


A Mourning


Not To Be


For Robin Hobb


The Naming Magic


Snapping the kNot of Chapter 39: The Vengeance (“A CatasTrophy of DraGones“)


A Song of Ice, Fire, Rain


A Conclusion
or A Memory of Blood

Not knot, knock knock
Who’s there?
Hobb’s hobby
Hobb’s hobby hoo?

Hobb’s hobby of magic naming
Of art making
Of knot breaking
Of plot-baking

Is simply unmatched
For even her peers say
That she’s “a diamond
In a sea of
~ George “Robin RHobb” Martin

Are our R R’s
The Rising Seas, Rising Earth?
Riveting Teas, Rivers of Worth?
For Silver Seas, or Rivers of Silver
In conclusion, only a Sliver

The Bee’s the one that breaks the Knot
Will naming magic be forgot?
Before the bees are all but naught
If thought is Thought, then Ice is hot

A Feather’s A Blade for just a babe
The Feather’s a Blade, a Child’s aid
A Feather to Blade, so says the Sage
A Feather ‘n Blade, A Silver, Golden Age

O Saints of Old, O Saints of Gold
Please, O Please, won’t you fold?
Please, O Please, be so bold
To Let the Golden Age of Old

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Aspiring Writer, I am NOT a Blog (title stolen from GRRM)

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