Artists Are Shape-Shifters

Inspired by Flume

A Sequel to Artists Are Spell-Casters

A fool without fitz
A Fitz without Foresight

A pitch without melody-site
A tool without pitchz

U A, M

Artists are shapeshifters
Masters are Shape-Shifus
Just as they are jape-grifters
And as they are grape-drinkers
Now, wine hasn’t been drunk in a long time

A Half-Charmed kinda life
A Staff armed with a knife
What to do with this life
What to do, rope or knife

What shape to become for this artist
What to do, for this part is
Easy, so can someone tell me
What hard is?

What shape is the most difficult
What shape belongs not to cult
What symbol is truly pure
Which we use not to allure

Life is hard, death is easy
Death is hard, life is breæzy
Breath is hard, just as life is
Strife is hard, just as Palace-siz


One Palace, Two Palace
Half Palace, True Palace
O Palace Beyond the Exit, O Palace Composed Within Time
From beyond Grant inner peace, For this lil light-mind of mine

Author: umersnotablog

Aspiring Writer, I am NOT a Blog (title stolen from GRRM)

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