The Time After Time


The Skill Road

Inspired by Robin Hobb, Hans Zimmer, and the Realm of the Elderlings

Time is the most cinematic of subjects because before the movie camera came along, human beings had no way of seeing time backwards, slowed down, sped up. And I think that went some way to sort of explain to me why I’ve been interested in exploring it in movies because I think there’s a really productive relationship. And I had this visual notion of a bullet that’s in a wall, being sucked out of the wall and into the barrel of the gun it was fired from. And I put the image in “Memento,” my early film, as a…

Christopher Nolan, NPR interview with Ari Shapiro

The Road of Skill,
The Road that Kills,
The Road of ills
Of Sill-ver Silk

A road of Silver
I rode a Sliver
And rowed a Silver
O What, Are you Awakening at last?

Silver Road, Skillful Abode
Whence you came from, whence you lead
By steel and lead, by gold and silver
By gold-en green, by black and white

Thence you come from, then you go
Silver came from, once you’re go(ld)

ThyiMe after TI’me, beat after beat
Road after road, seat after seat
Gold after gold, teat after deat(h)
Given after sold, deed after deed

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