A Poem For Snails

For Snails

Part of a Series

Whose shells were flattened
Broken, all around us
On our roads, we all strap in-d
On they’re roads; they’re ground dust

Destroyed on every ground
Zeus, can you hear me?
Where are these shells bound?
Is it above or beneath me?

Just cuz (we’re) they’re so small
Doesn’t mean they’re worth a dime
Let’s pray a while, us all
Pray for snails, for some time

Our tales are so important to us
Whether Odyssey or the Iliad
Yet our tails are now im-potent to us
And still we’ll play with Snailiad

Although epic tails we lost
It makes us no less animal(s)
So even if tales we tossed
Let us not be cannibals

For aren’t we eating of our own
If we kill another life
A family we are, together sewn
Be careful when you choose the knife

Let us remember our fallen brothers
Let us remember our fallen snails
For had we had the touch of mother’s
They’d still have more epic tales

For all that we’ve will always crush
I hope that it was Fate’siz(e) brush

Pray, for all that (will) have been squished
For peace they’ll find’in Deaths’ final kissed

Author: umersnotablog

Aspiring Writer, I am NOT a Blog (title stolen from GRRM)

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