Half * Two

* Whole

Dum/Fun (or Fum/Dun)

Ooh, we’re half-way there
Oo-Oh, living on a prayer
Take my hands, we’ll make it ElseWhere
Oo-Oh, living on a prayer

Bon Jovi

A Sequel to Half + Half

= 1
== 1
=/= 11
5/11 (5:12, 5:13)
4 11
1140, the year of our lord
1 14 0
1 7 0 HALF
1170s revealed:

Women Carried their Other whoalves to safety

And thus the Wulves of Welf of Altorf were saved
So Henry could be even Prouder
For he was not chosen in Elections
Elections lasted till

5/7/11 (a perfect fifth out of 7)
1 5*7 1
1 35 6 (a sixth is perfect too)

Now begins Golden Bull’s half of rule

Half of the hole-y Roman Empire’s millennium

A thousand years, 500 too
A million years, 5002
A half a year, a half, it’s true
A quarter year, a quarters’ rue

Ruinous quarters we stay in
Jewel-ous hall(ve)s we pray in

Am I saying, “Enjoy this moment. Be Happy”?

Allow the “suchness” of this moment. That’s Enough.

Eckhart Tolle, Stillness Speaks

The sound of a song
The soungd of absurdity
The song of Stillness, the Song of Silence
For Stillness Speaks as Silence does

The soungd that knocks you down
And brings you back up
Lean on me, (song), now
Mr and Mrs In-Dependant Song

Song of

Song of ^song

It’s been a long Ass winter without you:

The song of the fallen Angel
Majin Buucifer, Lucifer,
One-cifer, Two-cifer,
Three-cipher, four cipher
Thirty two, thirty four cipher
For the beast of 666 has 17 * 2 eyes
Half of 34 spider, HALF of thirty-four-cifer

As Oman surely, shirley exists
Let me be your U-Man
You’re wUman, Uman, Umar:

Now let the Artist be Separated from the Person, forEver:
As magic is separated from the Spellcaster,

Halve your pleasure, HALF your fun
And dance forNever

Runaway now, for commiting the sing of magic
RunAway, Run-Way, Run Wayyy beyond
(Runaway, (can-celled) Canye)

Kanye Does It, Kanye Can,

Butterfly Bug-Logi: Olya J. of Sycamore



Runaway, Kanye
For you’ve has been split Asunder

4:34, For 17, 4:15, 666, 6:16, 3:08,
a Half, 0:50, 0:44, 6:16, 6:15, 6:50, 3:25

I hate being Bi-polar. It’s awesome.

Kanye West, ye album art

As your art and magic and you have separated from yourSelf
Now split asunder and come back to life once more
Come to life or come to Life
Come to death or come to Life

So let me cast one final spelling
Let’s learn to what? O Pray,-Telling
To love each other ‘fore we love ourselves
To love each other ‘fore you love mySelves

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Aspiring Writer, I am NOT a Blog (title stolen from GRRM)

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