The Melon-Lord

Brown/White Iverson

Inspired by Avatar, conversations with Carriere, and this vine:

as well as:


Credit to Unknown (please contact)
Credit to GAF Comics

A fire without a flame
A light without a spark
A difference without the same
A fight without the dark

A white without the White
A Iverson without the Ver-sons
A sight without the light
A forearm without err-guns

A plan without a damn
A damn without water
A school without a ram
A scam without bother

A glitch without a sitch-uation
A bitch without a sich
A feature without a bug
A seeker without a rug

A Marriage Without a Wedding
A Water-Malone without a Watermelon
A water-lemon without a melon
A telling without a selling

So let me cast one final spelling:

To hear what I am truly telling
To know what I am truly selling
Stop the noise, stop the yelling
And look into my soul’zsis dwelling

Author: umersnotablog

Aspiring Writer, I am NOT a Blog (title stolen from GRRM)

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