The Butterfly of Peace

The Butterfly of Peace
Metamorphosis II

Inspired by this,
From an alley in San Francisco,
Where my heart was lost but found again

Instead of left, I did lost
Instead of Right, What’s the Cost?

U A, M.

O Butter-Fly of peace
O Oil-Ant of ease
O Merger-in-Bug of the East
Oh, Won’t you come to meezt and me

Come to me, come to meet
Come to me, as friend or meat
For how you come, I do not care
Long as you come, to my lair

Come fair, come crooked
In the dark, come look-it
Look at all I’ve done for you
Is all but One enough for you?

Come deaf, come blind
Come weak, come define(d)
Define the numbers that you seek
Defy the numbers of the week

Is six or seven of eight required?
Do all 8 need be ienquired
For I am only Seven-as-One
Will seven be the ones that Won

A Spell-Caster in the ruin
A Rune caster of my time
Plot is cooking, storm a-brewin
A story writer worth a dime?

Is that who I am?

Is that who I am
Is that a lie-in lyin’ Lion?
Or is it a Butter-Flyin?
Who’s the other guy-in

The other guy in this po-em-E
Is also Me, for this po-Me
Is all about meez

If I’m a fly, I’m a butterfly
If I’m at peace, I’m a masterpiece

Author: umersnotablog

Aspiring Writer, I am NOT a Blog (title stolen from GRRM)

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