A Poem for Aegon VI Targaryen

For Ægon V(I) Targaryen
A Sequel two Half .5

A-gone, fAegon, E-gone for eons
Aemon gone, Ame(e)n gone, E-gone for Eons

Aegon, you the fifth or sixth?
Or seventh (or eleventh?) or mayhaps the eighth?
Either option tells me you’re legit
We must needs know you’re no fake-Gone

Æ-gone, for now only E Exists
O First letter, O Elphuh, O End-uh
O opposite of OmegUh
O beginning, why left
O ending, why right

Without Æ, what would we do, Eh
We only spoke of so much
We only wrote with such luck
Now luck is close to expiring
This trend will now be retiring

For now A-isn’t-gone, A is back,
Since A is back, now E is back
E was gone for Eons, now Eons return
Both A&E and AnE and AE and Æ return

Four become two
For fÆke-gone’s true

Author: umersnotablog

Aspiring Writer, I am NOT a Blog (title stolen from GRRM)

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