A Poem for Mice, A Second Prayer

A rat’s head on a stick. No one holds the stick but it is shaken at the dreamer. The rat squeaks.

“The bait is the trap, the trapper the trapped!”

The rat’s mouth is red, its teeth yellow; its eyes are black and shining. It appears to be the sort of large brown rat often seen near the docks of Clerres town. It has a black-and-white ruff about its neck, and the staff it is fixed to is green and yellow


Robin Hobb
Chapter 24: Hand and Foot



The Electric Mouse Pokémon

A sequel to A Poem, A Prayer

Rats, rats, o mice and rats
Then Hunted by us and also by cats
For thousands of years, of years ago
At the time of time of Tut and tat
Cats were worshipped as they sat
At X of long and Y of lat

Mice, mice, o rats and mice
If Hell is Fire, then Heaven is Ice
And where, pray tell, do dead mice go?
If disease’s evil, then rats aren’t nice
O GodDog r’ TacCat, is it fault o’ flea ‘r lice?
Would death be good, would justice suffice?

We humans too spread disease
Yet “The stronger winds, the stronger trees”
Now we know it ain’t always so
So let this be a prayer, please
For all that’s fallen, let there be ease
Whether rats or mice, death by fire or seas
Whether dreaming or-a-wake, realities or fantasies

Now Apollo and Jeezus come out of Apologiez
For now at last we have impromptu fantasyz

God, Allah, O Jeezus Cries’t
The Sun risen as AtumRa-ised
Apollo risen as Jesus rised
For all who die, and then they rise
Nearer my Goddess, to thee they rise
“Say it ain’t so, say it ain’t so”
Now closer to you, they do go
So so it is, since long ago

Heaven & hell now see Demise
Green and golden be their prize
Of those whose knots are also ties
Look For fallen with your eyes
What-Ever-falls will also rise

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Aspiring Writer, I am NOT a Blog (title stolen from GRRM)

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