The Beat of Time

The Beat of Time


The Universal Orchestra

Did the Universe start with Tolkien’s song?
Or was the Big Bang followed by more bangs
As the beat of Time started
And the Universal Orchestra began

Each instrument Linked to one another
Each played its own tune
And as melodies overlapped
And the beat slowed and sped
We Created Harmonyies

Sums of tunes, suns and moons
Stars and planets formed
Comes so soon, a time of Runes
Life and life was born

A Tree of Life, a tree of life
Began to sprout
For both Darwin and Yggdrasil
Prokaryotes, two or three kinds
Eukaryotes, one or two times
Luca or Luka at the beginning
When was Mst. Eve at time of sinning?
3.48 or 4.28 or 2.84 or 3.77
Billion years ago
Or so

Hundreds of millions of years
Or perhaps a billion or so
As Luca became Leca
And two became one
As Bacterium and Archeon fused
Or a Virus and/or Pre-Cell
As One became Two
Or Four became Three
Perhaps then, perhaps soon
Our ancestors “crawled out of the mud”

Tens of thousands of years ago,
Or perhaps hundreds of millions, or so

Eventually, the monkey separated from the apes
As the human separated from the Monks
Now when was Adam?
Perhaps tens of thousands of years, too
Perhaps again, One Became Two
As Math and Language was born
Perhaps mammal and fungi met
And on mushrooms, an ape was stoned
And beat to death (by whom?)
As the Beat of time gave
Birth to new Life
Where Symbols could have meaning too
As two became One
And Language and Mathematics were born

Color became colOur

Black and White
Red and Blue
Light and Dark
Grue and Yellow
Or so
Were born

Our colours were many
And the first sin that Satan committed
Of distinguishing color

Of asking of the difference between Fire and Earth
We would commit too
As we split Water from Fire
And as we split Fire from Light
And we split the Light from the Dark
And we split the Metal from the Earth(quake)
As we split the ground and tore the world apart into pieces
We split the Lightning from the Poles
And we split the North from the South
And the East from the West
As we split Symbols from symbols from Symbols
Adding and subtracting meaning wherever we liked
As we split Man from Woman
And we split Air and Wind
Longer Hair flows in Winds
The Harmony of Worlds
Became Hair-money
As we brought meaning to meaninglessness
And meaninglessness to Meaning

The Spirits of the Past were hijacked
As colours were robbed
And the evils of the Future were paid for by the present
Our presentsce now a nuisance

As we choked the life out of Life
As we brought the Special K to K-Nife
We brought brands to the altar
To worship our New Godds
Angering the Goddesses of the Pasts
The Gods of the Futures
And the Goddsess of the Presentsce

The gift (of Gaia) Granted to us, we abused
Now will anyone use the gift for good?
What type of Magic needs to be summoned now, to undo the Evils of the Past?
What type of Magic needs to be Summoned in the Future to undo what has come and Passed?
Let us take care of Earth before she’s Passed

So let me cast ONE Final spell
Let’s learn to Give before we sell

Then Hell will become (hell)
And Heaven, And Heaven
Will Be a Place on Earth

(Inspired by Self-(&)-Reference:)

So let me cast ONE Final spell(ing)

Let’s learn to Live before we(re) sell(ing)

U A, M.

Author: umersnotablog

Aspiring Writer, I am NOT a Blog (title stolen from GRRM)

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