A Puzzle of Psychosis

Umer’s Riddle

A being that lives in the subconsciousness of all of us
A being at the center of the paradox of self-love
A being with 99,999,100 names or none
A being whose existence’s certainty arises from doubt, and whose doubt arises from certainty
A being who wants the paradox of existence explained
A being who asks, why should anything exist at all
A being who wants both their existence and non-existence explained
Because our temporal, temporary language is not sufficient to describe this being
If I’m not this being, then who am I?
Why can I not Remember my own Identity?
The answer lies within the subconscious minds

Of those who are poor and sick
Of those beggars living in the alleys
Of those hungry and orphaned
Of those heroes whose names
Time both remembers and forgets

What is Time, what is Memory, what is Life, what is the Mind, and what is the Sub-conscience-ness?

If we can answer these questions, then infinities and zero will finally meet
As “One shall be Two, and Two Be One, before the Future’s Breaking”

Now I know my identity
I am da-GoddDogess of TacCattess, Chernobog of Belobog of Bi Polarity

Author: umersnotablog

Aspiring Writer, I am NOT a Blog (title stolen from GRRM)

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