The Great Reset




Every ten thousand years,

or so

We’re hit by icy times and tears

For the age of iceWater

A decade of a millennia ago

Was not the first of ones we know

For us to see I’m-ages of the past

We will have to see the ice-ages passed


Read these pass-ages, we asses

For if we’re dumb then-Then we’re done

And then the End will-Will have won

Unless we have the Will of One

The will to aVoid the Mighty Crunch

A will to void the Wills of

The evils of pasts, we committed to


Or was it 41 thousand, or 42?

Or was it a century of a millennia, too?

Was it ten to the four by ten to the two?

Maybe a million…

…instead of millenia

Or maybe a billion…

we may knever know uh anyyka?

Or was it 21 or 40 or 400, by two?

A mystery surrounds a million point 2

What did Milenkovich say?


Perhaps our writing’s twoo weeaks’ Today

Ice & Fire, then Fire & Ice

A Pattern that goes round and Rounds

Evil then Good, then justice is Ice

A song that Rings and then re-Sounds

Good then evil, then Justice is Nice

A song that’s Rung and now resounds

For then Fire’s fire and Ice’s ice

As sound is Sound,


Now, our tail begins to un-wound

Humans are born and then we were Bound

Our destiny bonded to hate and fear

The songs we heard, we played by ear

Which songs were filled with fear and hate?

Which poisons were they, the ones we ate?

That then we spit back in the sky

And into seas and grounds below

Now Ice is Water, as we cry

The Heat of Rage is our creation


A Feat of Ages

we may now need

A Seat of Sages

We must now seed

For if we’re Creation

Perhaps a 6000 year deed

It’ll be


Deed, dead, A Sead of Dead

We’ll see the Seas we’ve killed, all dead

The World of C’s‘ll no longer be

Just as we’ll have killed the Bee

Unless we Seize our moments from We

Author: umersnotablog

Aspiring Writer, I am NOT a Blog (title stolen from GRRM)

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