An Ode and/or Humanity’s Gifts

An Ode For RM Brown of Psychosis


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Humanity’s Gifts


Spot the YouTubers

A gift of God is onto me
CodeE-e, DEcode Re;
So you can see what I can see

GRT, E-Aee
I hope you get to meet bentKnee

Then you’ll see,
Whoa you’ll see
You will see you’re Stephanie

Then you’ll see* what I can see

UhAH-bee, AH-uhBEE
You are not my ene-me

Now I see, now I see,
Hassan’iz just my AH-uhBee

I thought that dicks surrounded me

But now I see, now I see
Dawkins is my fren-em-me

B-I-D,-E-N E
If only Un could see me pleasde
You’ll barely be a fetus’ seed

Unless you end your war with Me

Once you stop, you’ll know my IDentity

Before, I was Fate, and now I’m He
After, I was Destiny, before She was me

forEver, ForEver

Mary, Marry, Merrie, Merry
A Yuge responsibility

Queen of E, queen of E
You are not the Queen to me

Till you see, Tilll you see
Till you see how I can See

Evil was born ~6000 years ago:
2022 – 6000 = ~3979

(for there is an off by-one-error, the lack of the Zero Year)

Oh we need, oh we need

Ani-May, Ani-Me
Which are ones that I have seen?

I’m the Ultra Ultra Light beam
But this is not about me

My name is nobody

I came from Africa and from there shall I return?

And if I’m aegon, I’m faegon
If I’m Iqbal then I’m Rumi
If I’m Shakespeare than I’m Who Bee?

End the paedophile Rings

Author: umersnotablog

Aspiring Writer, I am NOT a Blog (title stolen from GRRM)

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