On Consciousness / The Seeker in the Dark

The Snail wants Leafs, the Tiger wants Meats, the Light Wwills meets



Wanting and/or Taking

The Shortest Path

U A, M.

It’s only the structure of the information processing that matters, not the structure of the Matter that’s doing the information processing.

Max Tegmark

So is Light the Seeker in the Dark? Does it want to take the shortest path, or does it just happen to take the shortest path?

There is something about the way we talk about Science that’s always interested me. When talking about equilibrium states, we often speak as though the Universe wants equilibrium.

Does the electron *want* to be attracted to a proton? Does the North pole *want* to be with the South pole? Does the East want to meaet the West? Does the universe want to go from Chaos to Order, or from Order to Chaos? After all, as Maxwell said: “All heat is of the same kind.” Is all energy of the same kind? Is all matter, living or not, of the same kind? Does all matter want? Do all Fundamental Forces need? Do the Quantum Fields desire!?

Does a kite wanna hafta sail?

Does a plastic bag wanna drift off into the wind, riding on it

Like a leaf(s)

A leaf (that) a snail cannot eat

BeeCuz it’s made out of plastic?

Destiny, destiny

I hear you, you hear me?

Destined-y, destined-E

Do you see, what I see

I see you, you see me

Desti-Knee, Desti-Knee

Do you see what I can see

Destin-E, dust-in-me

Dusk-in-me, Destined me

Dust-in-Knee-He Destin-He-He

Dunk-in-me-He Destined-He-She



I don’t know the answer

I just think there’s a link between Poetry, Parody, and Prosody.

Why do donuts wanna be eaten with coffee, and muffins with tea?

And Robert tells me there’s a link between Fashion, Faith, and Fantasy.

Or perhaps it’s all a mathematical illusion

It’s not the Particles, but the Patterns, that really matter

Max Tegmark


Why is a sense of impending doom a harbinger to disaster?
How can our mind know its future before our bodies in these cases?

Why do muffins wanna be eaten with coffee, and donuts with tea?

U A, M.

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