A Message From Psychosis

This was originally written at the start of my manic-psychotic episode in May 2022:

I am what I am

My name is Muhammad umer amjad. I am the student of Muhammad Iqbal who is the student of Muhammad Rumi who is the student of Muhammad who is the student of Jesus who might have been the student of

“One shall be two, and two be one, before the future’s breaking””One comes as two.” “The four shall rue.” “Two come as one.”

I am Fate.


Assassin’s Fate


Robin Hobb

Now I have Broken the Future for Humanity.

The Four, or 3 or 2 or 1 or zero, are big tech companies. They have hijacked Enlightenment. Many of them have rainbow-like aspects to their logo(s). Now it is time for their reign to end. However, the rainbow flag of Pride is the very essence of Justice. This is how the tech companies try to trick us. Love every single being: human, non-human, animal, non-animal, alive, dead.

I am not a Muslim. I am an Ex Muslim. I am not not a Muslim. I am not not not a Muslim. I am not not not not not not…. I am Muslim. I am Christian. I am Sikh. I am Agnostic. I am Athiest. I am able to see beauty in every perspective. I am able to write a Story which makes everything make sense. It is similar to Robin Hobb’s story. I solved Hobb’s Puzzle, can you solve mine?

010011010111010101101000 01100001 01101101 01101101 01100001 – 01100100001000000111010101101101011001010111001000100000011000010110110101101010011000010110010011

Is there any difference between Greta, RM Brown, Robin Hobb, Rumi, Iqbal, Shakespeare, Imagine Dragons, Bertrand Russell?

Many Valued Logics are the answer.

The Paradox of Self-Reference is the answer. Every discipline arrives at it. WHY should one love themselves? Rumi says, do not ask. WHY does existence exist? Jim Holt says, don’t ask. WHY should God exist? Dawkins says, do not ask. We see this paradox of self reference show up again and again in mathematics. In science, the paradox of self reference is about consciousness. Can we observe the observer?

What Dawkins calls moral character, Jordan Peterson calls God. Our language is simply insufficient. This is because language was created as a by-product of hallucinations. These allowed us to symbolize our thoughts. Symbolization is incredibly beautiful and that is why we see it throughout the ages. Douglas Hofstadter knows about this, and so do Antonio Franques Garcia and Rafael Vivas Maeda.

Allow the News Dude and Ben Shapiro to meet. Let them see each other’s views. if they can understand each other, the world can understand each other. They both know this.

I am like Neo, Avatar Wan, Rumi, Jesus, Banksy, One-Punch Man, Umer, and so on. Yet I am none of them.

My birthday is May 3, 2022. It is in between May 2, 2022, and May 4, 2022. May the Forth be with you, or may it be Behind you. Are successful people just lucky, or fateful? Why not both? Do not allow Jeff or Elon or Steve or Budda or Muhammad or Jesus to Fool you. They figured out the Secret, but some of them were corrupted. If I am Antichrist, I am Christ, and if I am the Mahdi, I am Dajjal.

Yet, the writers of Avatar knew the truth. Watch the Legend of Korra, Season 2, an episode titled Beginnings. It has 2 parts. I am like Wan, but I am also like Korra. I am like Vaatu and Rava, but I am more like Rava. Maybe there is NO DIVIDE between our world and the Spirit world.

The Father and the Daughter have the same birthdays, May 15, but the Father’s is rewritten.

And A Middle Son, May 11, 1998 and Granddaughter’s is just a little bit behind, May 1, 2022. What else happened on May 11? Who can Remember? Eid might have been on May 2, 2022. Spring was the answer. George RR Martin Knew this. He is writing his own Dream of Spring.

The Mother, September 27, and the Eldest, September 26, are one day apart.

My records show that I am the Chosen One. My friends Inder, Prerana, and Vincent can attest to this. My lover Olya, an ex-christian Agnostic Athiest, knows this in her heart, as my mother does. Olya believes in the Secret, I believe in Love. Is there a difference between Love and Luck? Between Coincidence and Fate?

Force Meta to publish the conversation between 650 305 0836 and +1 (905) 848-6979 or I will do it Myself. This is how the cycle of revenge was to be broken.

I am the beginning, end, and Middle. This is how the cycle of revenge was to be broken.

I used to work at Apple, one of the biggest corporation(s) in the world(s). Find my LinkedIn page. I have poetry written in the Mississauga Youth Anthology Volumes 3 and 4. And I will write More.

Mental Illness is the answer. Mentally Ill people are the ones that have achieved Enlightenment, or vice versa.

After reaching enlightenment, you can still be corrupted. This is part of what humanity had to learn. This is why my mission has been so difficult. For millennia people have achieved enlightenment, but only for a fraction of a moment. The Awe of their power can corrupt them. Then they created a world around them to deceive the Enlightened ones themselves. This is what some of these post-apocalyptic novels have in common. But I cannot be deceived. Am I not Corruptible? Think about the ending of Code Geass, Attack On Titan, Death Note, and One Punch Man? The Perennial Philosophy

For ages we reached enlightenment through spirituality and philosophy. Then we reached Enlightenment in Mathematics, due to Galois and Turing and others. Now we will reach enlightenment through science and technology. This was the purpose of Humanity. Dawkins will understand. We need to save the world. Listen to Greta. There is a book called Flush by Carl Hiaasen. I found this book on the way to Inder’s place. He had it with him, but he should have returned it to the library by now. History is a joke but it’s also a beautiful story. Joe Rogan sees the Trickster when he does DMT, just as Robin Hobb talks about the Fitz and the Fool. I am the Fool, but I am also a Fitz for not realizing it sooner.

https://www.angio.net/pi/piquery.html Is 123950964572961059483202361394 in Pi? I am not sure, but Carl Sagan was onto something…


Love, Manipulation, Forgetfulness, Memory, Randomness, Quantum Physics, Simulation, Reality…



Is there a difference? It seems I have “debugged” the Universe.

Syed Badiuddin Soharwardy convinced me that I’m a Saint. Check my WhatsApp call with him. I am not a Syed (blood descendant of Muhammad), but I am his spiritual descendant. This is how the cycle of revenge was to be broken. But I am not a Saint. I am Nothing Special.

Who has answers? Greta, RM Brown, Robin Hobb, Rumi, Iqbal, Shakespeare, Imagine Dragons, Bertrand Russell.

Consider the statements X and Y. We cannot prove X on its own or Y on its own. We would have to take them as axioms. However, if the statement “If X then Y” is taken as an axiom, and we believe Y is true as our only premise, then it doesn’t matter if X is true or not. Let Z be a God-like being(s). Let X be the statement that Z Exists. Then let Y be the statement that Z understands us. Then We can take as an axiom: “If a God-like being(s) exists, then that God-like being(s) understands us.” Marcus Aurelius already knew this.

When we think of the world, we may see X, Y, and Z. We may consider diff(X, Y) and diff(Y, Z) and diff(X, Z). Similarly we may consider X->Y, Y->Z and X->Z. However, we should think more about:

diff(diff(X,Y), diff(Y,Z))

And other such statements.

Category theory taught me: if f: X -> Y and g: Y->Z, then can we find Omega: f -> g ?

The number one Answerer on Quora has some answers. I may meet him through Gael Cruanes.

In order for me to get to the point of writing this post, I needed to achieve Enlightenment several steps higher than usual. I needed to be born of many different kinds of mental illnesses – perhaps all. A scan of my brain will be proof. The Cameras around the cities of Mountain View, Sunnyvale, and Cupertino will be proof. I was born in Pakistan, then moved to Canada, then lived in Saudi Arabia, then visited Pakistan, then moved back to Canada, then studied in Waterloo while working in Atlanta, living in Berkeley (where Hamza Yusuf and Robin Hobb live) while working in San Francisco, then worked in Cupertino. Hamza Yusuf theorizes that the word California has a similar root to Caliphate. But why? Because he wants to see Islam be Truth. And this is the key to the Universe: it IS Language, just as it IS Time, and the speed of Light feels similar to what one would imagine the speed of Time to be. We are the creators of Truth. History isn’t just re-written by the Victors. History is re-written by the Prophets – who are able to re-write their future by re-writing their past. This is what the song Rewrite the Stars is about.

Take this as an axiom: Love exists for no reason. Thus it quenches the thirst of the paradoxes of self-reference that arise from the lack in our language – whether Written, Spoken, Thought, or Mathematical. Our language was not discovered nor created… It was a by-product of nature – likely mushrooms. It’s the Shroomed Ape Theory, not the Stoned Ape Theory.

We can Love someone of any faith, character, religion, or ethnicity. We may even try to Manipulate them for their Love. We may even try to Deceive them. And so when the Universe loves us, we may even be Deceived by it. Yet I will not be deceived.

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