Now that I’ve done what I needed to be done


Changer of Hearts



Now that I’ve done what I needed to be done

Will reality still be real?

Will the world still be the same around me?

Will the Earth still spin and progress through that same, billions-year old path?

Will sunlight still be warm, will the wind still be cool?

Will brotherhood still exist between brothers?

Will the moon’s crescent still shine through the night?

Will food still be delicious, will water still quench thirst?

Will dessert still be sweet, will perfume still be fragrant?

Will friends still be able to forgive each other?

Will emeralds still be green, will sapphires still be blue?

Will green still be beautiful, will blue still be magnificent?

Will tears still contain feeling, will feeling still be something I can feel?

Will a mother still look at her babe with love?

Will a father still look at his child with pride?

Will words still have meaning, will meaning still mean anything to me?

Will fire still burn, will water still wet?

Will mountains still peak over the horizon?

Will kinship still exist among a family?

Will music still sound melodious, will melodies still be poignant?

Will the clock’s hand still turn, will the beat of time still march forward?

Will the sun still rise for every tomorrow?

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