What might be lost may also be found

As fourteen hundred years or so,
Have passed of this past’s religion
I ask, what of my fears and woe?
When can I find a peaceful position?
When will all these tears that flow
Reach the end of this tradition?

They said Islam would give me peace
Yet all it’s ever given to me
Is broken pieces, little release
As expression’s been forbidden to me
So how can I then say my piece,
When all I am is unbidden to me?

This truth has patiently grown, and waits
For times that it can see the light
Yet once I open those floodgates
Would all be fixed, would all be right?
I’ll be destroyer of many fates
The paths they chose, I will re-write

I’ll be the one that causes pain
I’ll be the breaker of many hearts
I’ll be the one deserving blame
And yet, I’ll be the one that starts
To try to end this endless chain
Despite the fact my hope is sparse

Continuing transgenerational trauma
Will cause a lot more hurt than I
I’m not just trynna stir up drama
I know I can no longer lie
Be it Allah, Jesus or Brahma
On none of them can I rely

This pattern of pain will end at me
Unlike the ones from whom I’m borne
I’ll make sure that my progeny
Won’t have to suffer from the same scorn
They will have peace, they will be free
They won’t be from their families torn

I’ll bet parents, siblings on this truth
And all of them I may then lose
Memories and ties of all my youth
All of those I may then lose
Is there any substitute,
For all of what I will then lose?

This family now is just my first
So even if I’m pushed and shoved
I’ll have you friends when heart is burst
We’ll love each other, we’ll be beloved
So even if worse comes to worst
We’ll make a family once we are loved

We’ll end the cycle going around
We’ll be at peace as smiles abound
We’ll have our freedom, we’ll be unbound
We won’t be silenced, our voices sound
Despite the cost, we won’t be downed
For what might be lost, may also be found

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