Threads II / A Dream of Spring

A sequel to the supposedly unrelated Threads and The Touch of Fall

Threads II
“A Dream of Spring”

A dream of Spring has been recurring, it seems
A dream that friends and family never depart
A dream of tapestries woven with blues and greens
Whose embroidery has no end, as it has no start
Could threads be woven thusly, by any means?
Or will branches, once entwined, now grow apart?

As growth of life has been dictated by season
What could a time of warmth and brightness bring?
Though ‘light is not the servant of Time’ I reasoned
I wonder, in these words, does truth still ring?
Perhaps planet’s path predicts times of breezin’
Yet, this time, Summer might last forever after Spring…

If nature cradles the dreams we plant and favour
Will gardens flourish by her maternal majesty?
Will they ever bear the fruits of our labour?
Even a few fickle fruits o’ fraternal fantasy?
When even what’s bittersweet is savoured
Then gems can shine again in this eternal tapestry

So sapphire seas and emerald earth we’ll roam
And if the futures set in these crystals shatter
As sinners like myself have shown, once grown
That even as we fracture, and pieces scatter
We’ll be more than reapers of what we’ve sown
Into fate’s fabric, we’ll sew the shards we gather

The gardens we plant’ll reach forever’s fruition
And then they’ll last despite blight or virality
Then we’ll be the tasters of our own volition
Then we’ll be the weavers of eventuality
Ensuring this, I’ll make my lifelong ambition
As sweeter breezes no longer reek of finality,

Our destinies’ fabrics will never tear at the seams
For we’ll sew reality outta these springtime dreams

Inspired by Robin Hobb’s The Realm of the Elderlings
The title “A Dream of Spring” is taken from the expected title of the last volume of George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire

Author: umersnotablog

Aspiring Writer, I am NOT a Blog (title stolen from GRRM)

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