On Mushrooms, A Poem

Inspired by Brother Bear:

The key to understanding

Is to see through others’ eyes

Phil Collins, Great Spirits

Hey, you know what this calls for? A pile of delicious barley and amber weed on a cool bed of malted hops

Rutt the Moose from Brother Bear

It seems I’m blessed by you, mushroom

It seems before I’d closed myself

And now, with you, there’s so much room

You’ve opened me and made me well

With you, I overcame much gloom

But will it last?  …Time will tell 


Once I’d made that fateful decision

You passed my lips and made me glisten

As sight transformed into vision

The ‘bility to hear became to listen

As my purpose now became my mission

The world became one I’d like to live in


With you, my sleep becomes my rest

What’ve you done to me, my drug? 

Is this, is this some sort of test?

You lulled me into comfort snug

Now, I’m not so sure what’s best

Out from under, you pull the rug


It seems that now I’m over relyin’

On you, to help me write this verse

You took this poet outta hidin’

I know not if it’s blessing ‘r curse 

Because, without this psilocybin 

Instead of better, I might be worse


Without you, why is light so dim?

Why’s the world no longer great?

You were only under my skin

You only changed my mind’s state

Celestial spheres, unchanged, still spin:

Since time began, perpetual fate


You altered not the world’s turning

This marble’s fractals remain aligned

Chaotic beauty, now I’m learning

You revealed it just for me to find

I live in the world of my own discerning

I’m the master of my state of mind


So whether or not he is a shroomer 

That light you brought, now lives in Umer

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