Purple Prose

A Princess and a Man and a Woman

Long ago, and once upon a time
In distant lands, not lacking in rhyme
There lived a princess, oh so fine
Her charm, angelic, her beauty, divine

Dressed in red or purple, gold or white
All would be dazzled by her sight
As if her mere being gave out light
She shined brightly, day or night

The princess met a lonely woman, long ago
Their friendship bloomed as flowers grow
They’d be together, wherever they’d go
All day and all night, don’t you know?

Once a man saw the Princess, overcome with desire
Said he, “Please, let me have her hand, O Sire”
Furious the king became, his face red of fire
“You dare think I’d let you marry my daughter, with that attire?!”

So the man climbed up her tower, as they were not wed
Thought he, “I’ll see her without her garments of gold or red!”
But looking through the window, shocked, he fell dead
For her saw the princess with her best friend in bed

Let this be a lesson for those who mourn,
“Since beginningless time,” hearts have been torn
Unfortunately not just figuratively for the man above
His life ended for lust disguised as love
So live on, don’t climb the tower of scorn
When beauty fades, when spirits become worn
When the lights go out, love’s beginnings are born


(originally written for Grade 12 English, reworked and last stanza written for Mathnews around Nov 13, 2018)

Author: umersnotablog

Aspiring Writer, I am NOT a Blog (title stolen from GRRM)

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