The Greatest Flower

The happiest are not those with everything they desire
But those content to give everything others require.
The strongest are not the knights in shining armour, unable to fall
But the ones with the most scars, yet still standing tall
The bravest are not the warriors with the winning streak
But those who win in defending the weak
The beautiful are not those who outshine others’ brightness
But those whose light others can find in the darkness
The flower with the greatest fragrance was not born unhurt
But was once degraded deep below, buried in dirt
The wisest are not those who know the most and show
But the ones who understand how little they know
The free are not the ones who can do whatever they lust
But those who will to do that which is just
The greatest are not those far above
But the ones who become the foundation of love

MuhammadUmer Amjad

The Questions and the Answer

Inspired by Iqbal & Rumi

I. The Questions

How can I withstand this pressure, overwhelming?
Why must I fight myself in this battle unending?
How can I overcome this grief?
Why suffer these pummels of a life so brief?
How can I see hope, when I’m in the dark?
Why break through this scorching cage, when my spirit has lost its spark?

Why cry? These tears are being wasted
How can I deal with my shattered heart? I’m defeated
Why lie? My dark existence has reached its finish
How can I believe that good is yet to come? I can’t wish
Why try? I cannot reason in this noisy tumult
How can I think? Everything is a mystery, finding an answer is difficult

Lo, behold my scars, I am disgraced by all my wars
Oh, I’ve fallen too many times, I achieve nothing with these rhymes
No, I’m trapped, doors closed around me, I’ve nowhere to be, nothing more to see
Go! I have no reason to move on, stop trying, I am gone, un-saveable, my mistakes unforgivable

II. The Answer

Under Earth’s outstanding pressure creates brilliance to be
It is this burning weight that causes the birth of diamonds, rubies
………You are these gems, and their brilliance, too
At gravity’s center atoms clash, a billion years’ strife
A war with oneself is the source of the Sun’s light, nurturing life
………You are my Sun, and my life, too
Your woe is that of the artist’s soul, expressing its sorrow
It is this heartache with which he sculpts his masterpiece for tomorrow
………You are this artist, and his masterpiece, too
This constant pounding pain is the rhythm to survive
A heart beats: “Alive, alive, alive”
………You are this heart, and its beat, too
Only in pure darkness, keepers of light bring out candles fair
Only in hopeless black, their sweetness fills the air
………You are this candle, and its sweetness, too
That warmth is melting the cage of all you feared
This is from you, my sun; your spark left it seared
………You are this scorch, and its courage, too

Your endless tears soften this flame
For your garden’s flowers, they are life-giving rain
………You are a lamenting rain, but this garden, too
Fated it was for your heart to split asunder
Only when the cave’s walls break down, light can enter, full of wonder
………You are broken, but filled with this light, too
Forsaken you were, left in this endless midnight
But the darker sky, the greater starlight
………You are a night sky, but its wishful star, too
Garden’s strive with your light, my Sun, your stellar luminescence
Thorns grow before roses’ bloom; only then, freeing hope’s scents
………You are this sharp flower, but its calm aroma, too
With your heart’s cave finally cracked, the noisy echoes end soon
No, listen more carefully! Birds come to your garden, praising you in tune
………You are these hummingbirds, but their song, too
Need not you think; love overcomes reason
The key to this mystery is your undying kindness within
………You are the question, but the answer, too

The moon, a cold dead rock; with your light reflected, became treasured
Her thousands scars only add to her beauty unmeasured
………Lo, you are the moon, thus, her scars you grew
A young bird falls again and again, before overcoming gravitation
Falling into the abyss, you have grown wings; beyond the Earth is your destination
………Oh, you were the abyss, but you rose, you flew
Doors closed you in because they neared the ground, not needing you to fly
But the walls are broken, the windows open; escape your prison of “How” and “Why”
………No, you were once this prison, now you are free, new
The greatest journey is into yourself; need have you none for reason, merely ornate
The nature of your soul lies beyond heaven’s gates!
………You are a journey, you are the heavens, too
………Go! Discover the universe, in you

~ Umer Amjad

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